Terms of Use of BIDBOX application (hereinafter referred to as “Terms of Use”) is an agreement between You (hereinafter referred to as “You” or “User”) and (hereinafter referred to as “BIDBOX”).

BIDBOX provides a subscription-based application to help its user perform cryptocurrency trading in the spot market. This Terms of Use regulates how You use products, services, and technologies provided by BIDBOX, including but not limited to when You access BIDBOX official website, and download, register, and/or use BIDBOX application both Android and iOS based.

These Terms of Use govern Your use of Our Application or Our Service. As used in these Terms of Use, “Application”, “BIDBOX”, “Our Service” or “The Service” means the personalized service provided by BIDBOX as a tool to help You do cryptocurrencies trading activity on a cryptocurrencies exchanger platform, including all features and functionalities, recommendations and reviews, our websites, and user interfaces, as well as all content and software associated with BIDBOX.

By signing up as User, You hereby declare that You have READ, UNDERSTOOD, ACCEPTED, AND AGREED to the entire terms and conditions that are included in this Terms of Use

as follows:


As long as the context of the sentence does not specify otherwise, the terms or definitions in this Terms of Use have the following meanings:

1.         Account means a BIDBOX account used to access the Service and represents one’s membership as a BIDBOX User. This definition includes Account that has activated BIDBOX AI and Account that has not activated BIDBOX AI yet.

2.         Active User means a User who has activated the BIDBOX AI on the BIDBOX Application. Active User also automatically become members of the BIDBOX Multi-Level Marketing team.

3.         Code of Ethics is a set of documents containing a code of ethics and regulations that must be complied with by all Users in order to create a good direct selling business environment.

4.         Crypto Asset Trading Activity or Crypto Trading means the activity of buying and selling Crypto Assets on the basis of achieving the points of agreement between demand price and offer price that happens in a market or exchanger platform.

5.         Crypto Assets mean intangible commodities in digital form, using cryptography that use principles of peer-to-peer (interface) network-based decentralized technology or known as Blockchain Network, that is traded in a platform. Reference to Crypto Assets in this document has the same meaning as cryptocurrency.

6.         Marketing Plan is a set of documents containing the BIDBOX business plan and regulations regarding all matters related to multi-level direct selling in relation with BIDBOX Applications and AIs as the products.

7.         BIDBOX means an application with the aim of selling a Crypto Asset trading tool called the BIDBOX AI.

8.         BIDBOX AI means a tool for trading Crypto Assets in the form of an automator to read crypto market movements, place buy or sell positions on the Crypto Asset Exchange/Trading Platform, as well as executing the sale or purchase of Crypto Assets automatically based on the algorithm provided by the User.

9.         Privacy Policy means a provision that regulates how BIDBOX collects, uses, maintains and discloses information collected from Users through the BIDBOX application.

10.       Registration means the registration process to become a Member of BIDBOX through BIDBOX platform, which consists of registering private information, creating a BIDBOX account, and approval to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy of BIDBOX.

11.       Services mean services provided by the BIDBOX application including but not limited to the sale of the BIDBOX AI software.

12.       The Exchange/Trading Platform means a platform that provides Crypto Asset exchange (buying and selling) services.

13.       User or You means the person (individual) owner of the BIDBOX Account.

14.       User’s BIDBOX Address means a combination of numbers and letters operating on the Tron network (TRC20) with a parent (core) controlled by BIDBOX, functioning to store, send and receive Crypto Assets in USDT.

15.       Username means the unique name entered by User during Registration. Username also acts as a referral code when a User invites a prospective user.


1.         To be able to use Our Services, You must be registered as User with the following requirements:

i.          Is of 18 (eighteen) years old or older;

ii.         Physically and mentally healthy, has a common sense;

iii.        Registering through BIDBOX Application; and

iv.        Agreed to be subject to this Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy.

2.         Upon registering a BIDBOX Account, You must provide Your information, including but not limited to:


E-mail; and


3.         During Registration process, User will be required to make a Username. Username that has been used cannot be used by other Users. A Username consists of a minimum 5 and a maximum of 10 characters of alphabet and/or number without space or symbol. Username will be used as a credential along with Password to login into User’s Account and as a referral code when inviting a Prospective User.

4.         BIDBOX has the right to request for information or other documents as mentioned in this Terms of Use that is required in relation to the User’s information. User Candidate hereby declares and guarantees that every data/explanation/document/information/statement that is provided in relation to him/herself including but not limited to regarding their registration process as User is comprehensive, original, true, and in accordance with the actual circumstances and that every data/explanation/document/information/statement is the latest that has not been changed and is still valid/not expired.

5.         User hereby agrees that access to the BIDBOX Account is valid effectively after all requirements are fulfilled by User and the registration process has went through the verification process to be approved by BIDBOX. Any risks that may arise related to the closing/blocking/freezing of Accounts caused by errors and/or negligence of the Verified User, will be the responsibility of the said Verified User. BIDBOX is not responsible and will not compensate Verified User or Party in any form for any claim/suit and compensation from Verified User or any Party in connection with the closing/blocking/freezing of Verified Member.

6.         All data, explanation, information, statement, document obtained by BIDBOX regarding User, will be the property of BIDBOX and BIDBOX have the right to verify, match, assess, keep confidential or use them for the benefit of BIDBOX in accordance with the applicable legal provisions without obligation to notify or request approval, provide guarantees or compensation and for any reason to User.

7.         BIDBOX will regulate, manage and carry out supervision according to procedures specified by BIDBOX for all data, explanation, information, statement, document or anything related to User or the business activities or User’s transactions related to User.

8.         User approves and authorizes BIDBOX to use all data, explanation and information obtained by BIDBOX regarding User including but not limited to using User’s personal communication facilities for all other purposes as long as possible and permitted by Legislation that applies, including those aimed at marketing for BIDBOX or for other parties in collaboration with BIDBOX. For data usage that requires the approval of other parties, User declares that they have given written approval to any third party for use such data, explanation and information, and therefore BIDBOX will not provide compensation and/or liability in any form to User and any party for any risk, claim, suit and/or compensation that may arise in the future related to use of data, explanation and information that has obtained such written approval by BIDBOX.


1.         Every Account opened will be administered by BIDBOX based on the special identification according to the User’s name which will also apply as the name/identity of Account as stated in the User’s identity document. User is prohibited from using a User Account other than User’s own Account, or accessing other User Account, or helping other people in order to get unauthorized access to the Account. All usage of User Account is the sole responsibility of the Account owner recorded in the BIDBOX database system.

2.         User must use and include User’s email/username and password as verified by BIDBOX at registration. The BIDBOX system will automatically reject any access to an Account, if it is not accompanied by the correct combination of email/username and password. User is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of password, Account, transaction PIN, access to User’s BIDBOX Address, email login access and all types of activities that include transactions in User’s Account. User is fully responsible for the use of passwords and BIDBOX Accounts. If there is password and/or Account usage without permission from the User and other alleged violations occur, User must contact BIDBOX by sending an e-mail to [email protected] accompanied by supporting information. BIDBOX is not responsible for losses incurred due to misuse of Accounts and/or passwords, with or without User’s knowledge.

3.         User agrees not to use the Service provided by BIDBOX to commit criminal acts of any kind, including but not limited to, money laundering, gambling, the purchase of illegal goods, terrorist activities or hacking activities. Each User who violates these rules can be dismissed and must be responsible for the losses suffered by BIDBOX or other users of BIDBOX. BIDBOX has the right to close or freeze the Account, disqualify User’s rank, freeze received Bonus and upcoming Bonus or disable Account withdrawal feature, and freeze on-going strategies connected to the Exchanger(s) therein, if it finds suspicious activities or any prohibited activities as mentioned in this Terms of Use, in the Account up to an indefinite time.


1.         User cannot change the Username and email which has been registered during Registration process, with any reason whatsoever.

2.         Changes in Passwords are possible as a reason for security and the mechanism is available in the Service. For the security reasons after changing password, User’s Account will not be able to do withdrawal for 12 (twelve) hours. On-going strategies will not be affected when User change the password.


1.         BIDBOX AI

1.1.      BIDBOX provides Services in the form of mobile-based applications (Android and iOS), which are intended as tools for User to execute transactions on the Exchange/Trading Platform, which are referred to as BIDBOX AI (AI).

1.2.      User will be asked to pay a subscription fee for one year in advance when using the BIDBOX AI.

1.3.      After completing the payment of the AI subscription fee, the User can use the AI with its features and updates as follows:

i.          Connect AI to Exchanger/Market Platform through API Binding.

ii.         Make trade settings of automated buy and sell on AI to execute Crypto Asset transaction in the Exchanger/Market Platform. The settings are:

(a)        First Buy In Amount: the amount of initial buy-ins in USDT (minimum buy-in is 20 USDT, it is highly recommended to only use 3-5% out of your capital as a first buy-in amount).

(b)       Signal Quantity: the amount of signals you want to receive as a maximum pending sell before you stop receiving another signal.

(c)        Modes: there are two modes available. Standard mode allows you to receive signals on major coins, while Professional mode allows you to receive signals on major and minor coins (alt coin, meme coin).

(d)       Bot Signal: there are three different services. The Basic Bot allows you to request up to 3 Signals Quantity per day; The Advance Bot allows you to request up to 10 Signals Quantity per day; The Expert Bot allows you to request up to 25 Signals Quantity per day.

iii.        Receive report and calculation of profits from trading in Exchanger/Market Platform.

iv.        Receive report and calculation of referral bonus from AI activation.

v.         Access price, floating profit/loss, quantity, and on-going strategy of a Crypto Asset based on real-time data obtained from Exchanger/Market Platform.


2.1.      BIDBOX opens opportunities for interested Users to market the BIDBOX Application on a commission based sales basis as set out in the Marketing Plan.

2.2.      Every User who has completed Registration will have a Username. When User has activated the AI, the Username will also function as a referral code to invite other Prospective Users and as a User ID in the BIDBOX’s marketing network.

2.3.      The user is entitled to receive a commission every time his Username is used by another person to Register. The commission value received by the User depends on the User’s rank when his Username is used for Registration. User rank are determined based on their achievements as set out in the Marketing Plan.

2.4.      Any commissions received by the User will be distributed directly through the BIDBOX Application system to the User’s USDT TRC20 address located on the BIDBOX Application. (“User’s BIDBOX Address”)


3.1.      In providing Services, particularly related to trading transactions carried out with the help of AIs, BIDBOX applies a profit sharing system of 83% 17% (83% profit for User and 17% profit for BIDBOX) for each time User received profit or will be referred to as “Gas Fee”.

3.2.      User will receive profits from Crypto Assets trading directly on their own Exchange/Trading Platform, not through BIDBOX or other third parties. Therefore, every time the User receives a profit, BIDBOX will charge the Gas Fee to the User’s BIDBOX Address that is on the User’s BIDBOX Account.

3.3.      If the User does not have enough funds to pay the Gas Fee, the AI’s function will be temporarily suspended and will resume normally when BIDBOX has successfully debited the Gas Fee to the User’s BIDBOX Address.

3.4.      BIDBOX does not require User to deposit USDT for Gas Fee to the User’s BIDBOX Address in a certain amount. BIDBOX will only notify the User to immediately deposit USDT when the USDT balance at the User’s BIDBOX Address is less than 10 USDT for the purpose of the smooth operation of the AI. BIDBOX advises the User to wisely calculate the percentage of profit that may be received based on the conditions of the Crypto Asset trading strategy executed by the AI in connection with the deduction of Gas Fee by BIDBOX.


4.1.      Obtain an USDT TRC20 address generated once User completing Registration (User’s BIDBOX Address). The User’s BIDBOX Address will be used to receive bonus distribution. User may deposit and/or withdraw the USDT in User’s BIDBOX Address. BIDBOX can credit funds available in such address for AI activation and Gass Fee.

4.2.      Withdrawal of the commissions received by User can be done anytime anywhere as long as it is connected to the internet. Withdrawal can be made by transferring or withdrawing USDT in the User’s BIDBOX Address to the User’s address or wallet on the platform that provides Crypto Asset exchange services.

4.3.      Withdrawals on User’s BIDBOX Address are limited per day for each User according to his/her rating. Following are the terms for the maximum Withdrawals based on rank as defined in the Marketing Program:

i.          VIP1 maximum withdrawal 500 USDT

ii.         VIP2 maximum withdrawal 1,000 USDT

iii.        VIP3 maximum withdrawal 2,000 USDT

iv.        VIP4 maximum withdrawal 5,000 USDT

v.         VIP5 maximum withdrawal 10,000 USDT

vi.        VIP6 maximum withdrawal 50,000 USDT

4.4.      Withdrawals are processed in real-time, unless the withdrawal amount exceeds 5,000 USDT which will be verified by an administrator in advance within a maximum period of 1 hour.


5.1.      Receive report and calculation of profits from trading in Exchanger/Market Platform.

5.2.      Receive report and calculation of referral bonus from AI activation.

5.3.      Access price, floating profit/loss, quantity, and on-going strategy of a Crypto Asset based on real-time data obtained from Exchanger/Market Platform.

5.4.      Access customer support centre via chat.


1.         We can:

(a)        cancel membership;

(b)       disable Account temporarily or permanently;

(c)        degrade User’s rank;

(d)       stop bonus distribution and/or withdrawal;

(e)        disable User’s Referral Code; and/or

(f)        suspend, limit, or stop User’s access to several or all of the Services, including but not limited to disable AI and all of its on-going strategies in Exchanger/Market Platform connected to the AI.

In the event of the following case, including but not more, as follows:

(a)        We, based on our reasonable opinion, required by the prevailing law or the court or any other authorities in any jurisdiction;

(b)       We reasonably suspect that User violates this Terms of Use;

(c)        We reasonably suspect that User violates the Privacy Policy;

(d)       We reasonably suspect that User violates the Code of Ethics;

(e)        We are concerned that there are suspicious activities such as but not limited to continuous credentials error in a login attempt, intervention to the AI’s on-going strategy, is wrong or breaches the User’s Account security;

(f)        We suspect that the Services used in a fraudulent or unauthorized manner;

(g)       We suspect there is a money laundering, terrorism funding, scam, or other financial crime;

(h)       The use of Your Account is under a litigation process, investigation, or delayed legal process, and/or we notice high legal risk related to the use of Your Account; and/or

(i)        User took any kinds of action that may prevent Our control, such as opening several accounts or misuse the promotion that we may offer from tim to time.

2.         We may also refuse to renew User’s membership when it is due, if there is not enough balance to pay for the AI’s subscription fee.

3.         We may also suspend the AI function if User does not have enough balance to pay for gass fee.

4.         If we close or suspend Your Account or terminate Your use of the Service under the terms set out in this section, We will (unless not permitted by law) provide notice of Our actions and the reasons for closing or suspending and where necessary, with procedures to correct any factual errors leading to closure or suspension. We will lift the closure or suspension as soon as possible after the reasons for the closure or suspension have been resolved, however, we do not guarantee such revocation.

5.         We may suspend, limit or terminate your access to any or all of the Services and/or disable or cancel Your Account, without reason by giving you 1 (one) week notice before the effective date of closure or cancellation. You acknowledge that our decision to take certain actions, including restricting access, suspending or closing your Account, may be based on confidential criteria that are important to Our risk management and security protocols. You agree that we are under no obligation to disclose details of its risk management and security procedures to You.

6.         In the event of termination of the Account, the User agrees and states that he is willing to remain bound by the Terms and Conditions and stop using the Service, gives BIDBOX the right to delete all information and data on the BIDBOX server, and declares that BIDBOX is not responsible to the User or third parties for the termination of access and deletion of information and data in the Account.


1.         If you have feedback, questions, complaints or troubleshoots to be submitted, contact us via our customer support website page at bidbox.community When you contact us, please provide your name, registered user id/email address, and other information we need to identify you, your BIDBOX Account, and the transaction from which you received feedback, questions or complaints.

2.         If you wish to make a complaint, it is expected that you state the cause of the complaint, how you would like us to resolve the complaint and any other information you believe is relevant. We will acknowledge receipt of your complaint if you contact us via our customer support web page. The Customer Complaints Officer (“Officer”) will consider your complaint. The officer will consider your complaint without prejudice based on the information you provide and any information provided by BIDBOX. Within 15 (fifteen) working days of receipt of your complaint, the Officer will address all points raised in your complaint by sending an e-mail (“Resolution Notice”) in which the Officer will: (i) offer to resolve your complaint by what you ask; (ii) make a determination to reject your complaint and explain the reasons for refusal; or (iii) offer to resolve your complaint with an alternative solution. In exceptional circumstances, if the Officer is unable to respond to your complaint within 15 (fifteen) working days for reasons beyond BIDBOX control, the Officer will send a reply indicating the reason for the delay in responding to your complaint and specifying the time limit used by the Officer. will respond to your complaint (which is no later than 35 (thirty five) working days since we received your complaint.


1.         All services inside the Website does not provide any warranty or guarantee and the BIDBOX does not guarantee that Website will always be accessible at any time due to error or system maintenance and periodic network maintenance.

2.         User states and guarantees that they will use BIDBOX services properly and responsibly and not take actions that are contrary to the laws, rules and regulations that may apply.

3.         User hereby states and guarantees not to use Services in the sale of goods and/or services related to:

(a)        Narcotics, materials and/or chemicals for research;

(b)       money and anything similar to money, including derivatives;

(c)        goods and/or services that violate Intellectual Property Rights;

(d)       ammunition, firearms, explosives, sharp weapons in accordance with applicable legal provisions;

(e)        goods and/or services that discloses personal information from Third Party that Is against the law;

(f)        Support for Ponzi schemes and matrix programs;

(a)        Goods and/or services related to lottery purchases, lay-away systems;

(g)       services related to bank;

(h)       Credit card payments;

(i)        Settlement of credit;

(j)        Support towards prohibited organization or prohibited by the government.

4.         User declares and guarantees not to use Services for the actions involved in practice of gambling and/or other activities that charge entry and promising prizes, including but not limited to casino games, gambling in sports, businesses that facilitate gambling and lottery methods.

5.         User declares and guarantees that all the data, information and documents provided by User to BIDBOX are true, legal, honest, transparent, complete and accurate data, information and documents. User states that they are willing to be prosecuted in the criminal manner and if the BIDBOX knows or obtains information from any party that the data, information and documents provided by User turns out to be untrue/not true/false. Member are willing to update data/information (profile update) if at any time requested by BIDBOX and all documents have been given become fully owned by BIDBOX.

6.         BIDBOX has provided sufficient information and explanation regarding BIDBOX services that will be used by User in accordance with provisions in Terms of Use and User have understood and understood and willing to bear all consequences that may arise in connection with the use of BIDBOX services including benefits, risks and costs inherent in services and services.

7.         User hereby agrees and authorizes BIDBOX to use all the data, explanation and information obtained by the BIDBOX regarding User including but not limited to the use of User’s personal communication facilities for all other purposes as long as possible and permitted by applicable legislation, including those aimed at marketing the BIDBOX products or other parties, in collaboration with BIDBOX. For data usage that requires approval of other parties, with this User stating that there has been written approval from any third parties for the data usage, explanation and information, and therefore User guarantees and agrees that BIDBOX will not provide compensation and/or liability in any form to the User or any party of risks, losses, demands and/or responsibilities that may arise in the future in connection with data usage, explanation and information that has obtained such written approval by BIDBOX.

8.         User declares and guarantees that transactions carried out using BIDBOX services are transactions that do not violate provisions of prevailing laws and regulations and provisions regarding receipt of the transaction implementation as stipulated in Terms of Use. In the event that BIDBOX finds indications of transactions that are not in accordance with the provisions of the applicable legislation and/or provisions regarding acceptance of transactions arranged in Terms of Use, then BIDBOX has full rights to close the User Accounts by disabling BIDBOX services on the User and the User hereby agrees that BIDBOX hereby will not provide compensation and or liability in any form to the User or any party for claim and/or demands arising in connection with the deactivation of Service on the User.

9.         User states and guarantees that risks to use of services, products and promotions of Third Parties with User(if any), are borne by User, and User states that BIDBOX is not responsible for the service and the performance of Third Party services.

10.       User hereby are fully responsible and agree that BIDBOX will not provide compensation and or liability in any form to User or any party for any losses and or claims and or demands that arise or may be experienced by BIDBOX as a result of negligence or failure of User in operating BIDBOX AI.

11.       The User hereby is fully responsible and agrees that BIDBOX will not provide compensation and or liability in any form to the User or any party for any losses and or claims and or demands that arise or may be experienced by BIDBOX as a result of the User’s negligence or failure to the security of passwords or credentials of the User’s BIDBOX Account.

12.       User hereby guarantees the BIDBOX that the User along with all employees and/or other parties work with the User will not reproduce and/or make, give, rent, sell, move, transfer, and/or switch BIDBOX services either partially or wholly to other parties for any reason, including but not limited to misuse of BIDBOX websites, application, and services to make transactions other than those specified in Terms of Use for any purpose, including but not limited to crime/fraud /deception. If User violates these provisions, then User must be responsible for any losses, claims and/or suits arising from these violations and hereby agree that BIDBOX will not provide compensation and or liability in any form to the Useror any party for any claims or demands and/or claims arising from the violation.


1.         User agrees to bear any risks, losses or consequences suffered by the User caused by, among others:

i.          damage, delay, loss or error in sending order and communication, electronically caused by User;

ii.         BIDBOX Account report or notification of the use of BIDBOX services sent to the User is received or read or misused by an unauthorized party on the BIDBOX Account; and/or

iii.        Account password known to other people/parties for User errors.

2.         User understands and agrees that User will use BIDBOX Accounts and services for transactions that do not conflict with applicable laws and/or BIDBOX internal policies and/or other regulations that apply nationally and internationally related to the execution of the transaction, either directly or indirectly, and BIDBOX will not provide compensation and/or liability in any form to the User or any party for any claims and/or claims and/or losses arising in connection with use of BIDBOX services by User for transactions that are categorized as suspicious transactions and/or transactions that are prohibited by provisions of laws and/or BIDBOX internal policies that apply and/or other regulations that apply both nationally and internationally that are related to transaction activities carried out by User directly or indirectly.

3.         In operating strategy on AI to conduct transactions in Exchanger/Market Platform, User understands and agrees that there are certain sanctions imposed by government, including other State governments and/or the other authorized agencies on several countries, bodies and individuals. Refer to this, BIDBOX has the right not to carry out/process strategy and/or disable AI that is considered as a violation of provisions of sanctions, and competent authorities can require disclosure of related information. BIDBOX is not responsible if BIDBOX website and/or application or other parties fail or delay the strategy that affect in execution of the transaction, or disclosure of information as a result of direct or indirect violations of the sanction provisions.

J.         RISKS

1.         Crypto Asset Trading is the high-risk activity. Crypto Asset Price are volatile, where prices can change significantly over time. In connection with price fluctuations, value of Crypto Asset can increase or decrease significantly at any time. All Crypto Asset or not, have the potential to experience a change in the value drastically or even become meaningless. There is high risk of loss as a result of buying, selling or trading anything on the Exchanger/Market Platform and BIDBOX as a party that provides device to help execute transaction is not responsible for changes in fluctuations in Crypto Asset exchange rate.

2.         Crypto Asset Trading also has additional risks not experienced by Crypto Asset or other commodities on the market. Unlike most currencies guaranteed by government or other legal institutions or by gold and silver, Crypto asset are a unique Crypto Asset and are guaranteed by the technology and trust. There is no central bank that can control, protect the value of Crypto Asset in a crisis, or print the currency.

3.         User is encouraged to be careful in measuring financial situation and ensure that User is willing to face risks involved in selling, buying or trading Crypto Asset. User is strongly advised to carry out personal research before making a decision to trade Crypto Asset. All decisions on trading Crypto Asset are independent decision by user consciously without coercion and release BIDBOX for trading activities in Crypto Asset.

4.         BIDBOX does not guarantee the long-term sustainability of Crypto Asset traded or exchanged in Exchanger/Market Platform.

5.         With regard to mining activities Crypto Asset need to be rectified and confirmed that BIDBOX does not carry out mining, producing or printing Crypto Asset activities. Crypto asset was created and mined using the software specifically by miners that are scattered randomly throughout the world and was interconnected with the peer-to-peer technology on the blockchain.


1.         Without reducing the intent of provisions regarding restrictions contained in this Terms of Use, then the User is prohibited from doing the following:

2.         User is not permitted to take actions that can cause harm to BIDBOX and/or contrary to the Terms of Use and applicable laws and regulations.

3.         If User violates one or several conditions in this Terms of Use, then User will be fully responsible and hereby agree that for such violations BIDBOX has right to limit use BIDBOX services and User knows and agrees that BIDBOX will not provide compensation and/or liability in any form to that User or any party for any risks or consequences arising from restrictions on the use of these services. User hereinafter obliged to pay compensation to BIDBOX in the amount of the value of the loss that BIDBOX might experience for the violation. User hereby authorizes BIDBOX to debit User’s Accounts for such compensation payments. In the event that funds in User’s Account are not available and/or insufficient, then User must return all of the funds in cash to BIDBOX within no later than 7 (seven) working days from the time BIDBOX submits that claim.


1.         Any information and/or data provided by BIDBOX to User and or data obtained by User as implementation of Terms of Use either given or delivered verbally, written, graphically or delivered through electronic media or information and/or data in other forms during the course of the conversation or during other work are confidential (hereinafter referred to as “Confidential Information“).

2.         User agrees and coincidences at any time to keep confidential any Confidential Information obtained as an implementation of cooperation with anyone or will not use it for the interests of User or the interests of other parties, without first obtaining written approval from the authorized official from BIDBOX or other authorized parties in accordance with applicable legal provisions.

3.         If User violates provisions referred to in number 1 and 2 of the provisions regarding this confidentiality then all losses, claims and/or suits experienced by BIDBOX are fully User’s responsibility, and at the first request of BIDBOX, User is obliged to settle it in accordance with the applicable legal and statutory provisions and provide compensation that may arise from violation to BIDBOX. User hereby agrees that BIDBOX will not provide any form compensation and/or accountability to User or any party for claim and/or suit that may arise in the future in connection with violation.

4.         The obligation to keep confidential information as referred to in number 1 and 2 as regarding the confidentiality becomes invalid if:

(a)        Such confidential information becomes available to the general public.

(b)       Confidential information is ordered to be opened to fulfil the order of court or other authorized government body.

(c)        Confidential information is provided in accordance with applicable legal provisions.

5.         User agrees to make every effort and take action needed to avoid third parties in gaining access to or resulting in disclosure of confidential information.

6.         In the event that the collaboration is over, User agrees that the obligation to keep documents and material that is confidential information as stipulated in this provision will remain valid.

M.       DEFAULT

1.         User agrees that Default is the following thing or event:

i.          Default, which if User is negligent in carrying out an obligation or violates a provision in the Terms of Use;

ii.         Incorrect Statement. When it turns out that statement or guarantee given by User in the Terms of Use – is incorrect or not in accordance with the reality.

2.         In the event of Default and/or Incorrect Statement by User, then BIDBOX can choose whether to continue or close User’s Account. If BIDBOX wishes to close User’s Account, then such request must be notified to User at a reasonable time according to BIDBOX.

3.         In the event of an occurrence of negligence by User as intended, then BIDBOX has the right to immediately deactivate User’s Account on BIDBOX without having to make the prior notice to User, and User hereby agrees that BIDBOX will not provide compensation and/or liability in any form to User or any parties for all demands and/or claims and/or suits and/or compensation requests from parties that may arise in connection with the occurrence of such negligence.


1.         User declares and agrees that BIDBOX as the holder of ownership rights to services, software, technology tools and content, websites and other materials including Intellectual Property Rights related to the BIDBOX facility.

2.         User is only allowed to view, print and/or download a copy of material from BIDBOX Website for personal and non-commercial use. All commercial uses need to get permission from BIDBOX. Every commercial activity without permission from the BIDBOX is interpreted as a violation of BIDBOX Intellectual Property Rights and may results in the termination of the BIDBOX Account on User.

O.        TAX

That taxes on trading activities of Crypto Asset are taxes borne by each activity actor, in this case User and BIDBOX. The subscription fee for AI paid by User includes the Value-Added Tax based on the applicable regulation(s). User can consult tax payments to Personal Tax Consultants, and BIDBOX does not cover User taxes unless otherwise specified in these Terms and Conditions.

P.         SECURITY

BIDBOX has implemented network and security actions as information security network against unauthorized access to the use, changes and/or disclosures of Account, with security standards that are in accordance with the provisions of the applicable legislation. The entry of parties is responsible for access in the use, change and/or disclosure Account from third parties due to the User negligence and/or errors resulting in the risk borne by the User, then BIDBOX will not provide compensation and/or liability in any form to User or any other parties for any risks, responsibilities and demands that may arise due to the negligence/deliberation/error of the User in providing information.


1.         Force Majeure is defined as events that occur outside of BIDBOX capabilities and power, which affect the execution of Services, including but not limited to:

i.          Earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, landslides, volcanic eruptions and other natural disasters;

ii.         War, demonstrations, riots, terrorism, sabotage, embargoes and mass strikes;

iii.        Economic policies from the Government that affect directly;

2.         As long as BIDBOX has carried out all its obligations in accordance with applicable laws and regulations relating to the occurrence of Force Majeure, BIDBOX will not provide compensation and/or liability in any form to the User or any other parties for any risks, responsibilities and demands anything that may arise in connection with the delay or failure to carry out obligations due to Force Majeure.


1.         User hereby understands and agrees that the BIDBOX Application, including AI, is not a party that carries out exchange transactions or buying and selling of Crypto Assets. User understands that all funds intended for buying and selling Crypto Assets (trading) are in the wallet of each User on the Exchange/Market Platform, which can only be withdrawn, deposited, and controlled by User and subject to terms and conditions of the related Exchange/Market Platform. Thus, BIDBOX does not have any access to User’s fund deposited in Exchange/Market Platform. BIDBOX is not responsible and will not be held liable for User’s fund deposited to and withdrawn from the Exchange/Market Platform.

2.         User hereby understands and agrees that BIDBOX has no relationship or any affiliation with any Crypto Asset developer. Crypto Assets that User can choose to open strategy on the BIDBOX AI are Crypto Assets that have been listed on the Exchange/Trading Platform, and/or is ranked on the top 100 (one hundred) of the Crypto Assets market capitalization based on coinmarketcap.com data. BIDBOX is not responsible and will not be held liable for any price fluctuation of Crypto Asset chosen for AI to run its strategy by User on the Exchange/Market Platform.

3.         BIDBOX always strives to maintain secure, convenient, and well-functioning BIDBOX Services, but we cannot guarantee continuous operation or that access to our Services can always be perfect. There is possibility that information and data on BIDBOX website and application are not available in real time.

4.         BIDBOX does not guarantee that the result obtained from the use of services will be accurate or reliable.

5.         User agrees that User utilizes BIDBOX Services at the User’s own risk, and that BIDBOX Services are provided to User on an “AS IS” and “AS AVAILABLE” basis.

6.         In regards to the use of Application by the User, BIDBOX has the right to request and collect the information regarding the mobile devices that are used by User to access the Application provided including but not limited to the hardware, operating systems, unique device identifiers, cellular network information also includes the personal data such as e-mail addresses, addresses, cell phone numbers, aliases, passwords, Seller PIN codes and other information needed to use this Application service.

7.         The BIDBOX Application has been tested by BIDBOX researchers and developers and in its use, BIDBOX calls for caution in its use and BIDBOX cannot guarantee the performance and this Application always runs with the desired results.

8.         BIDBOX and its developers are not responsible and are not bound to any form of profit or loss that may occur as a result of using the Application. Benefits referred to increasing number of balances in the form of Crypto Asset or its value. As for the intended losses, these include but are not limited to the: reduced balance in Crypto Asset and/or its value failure to execute the API and all orders, network/signal problems, occurrence error on the system or error caused by factors in other forms.

9.         In the use of the BIDBOX Application, User has agreed that in any circumstances, User is prohibited from: doubling, copying, reproducing, translating, changing the system, modifying, removing the installation, removing the arrangement or trying to divert source code of this software product.

10.       All decisions in the use of the Application are decisions that are voluntary or independent made by the User without coercion from the BIDBOX and its Developers. For this matter, the User releases BIDBOX and its Developers of all forms of claims, compensation and all responsibilities in any form.

11.       The User states that they understand the limitations of the security and privacy but are not limited to: (i) limitations on security, privacy and authentication size and features in service; and (ii) all data and information in services may lead to eavesdropping, forgery, spam, sabotage, password piracy, interference, fraud, electronic abuse, hacking, and system contamination, including but not limited, viruses, worms, and Trojan horses, which cause the invalidity, damage, or dangerous access, and/or restore information or data on User’s computers or other security and privacy hazards. If the User do not want to be subject to these risks, User is recommended not to use the Application or our Service.

12.       To the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, BIDBOX (including parent company, directors, and employees) is not accountable, and User agrees not to hold BIDBOX accountable, for any damage or loss (including but not limited to the loss of money, reputation, profit, or other intangible losses) directly or indirectly caused by the following:

(a)        Inability of User in using BIDBOX services falls under personal risk.

(b)       Loss of Use, Loss of Profit, Loss of Income, Loss of Data, Loss of Goodwill, or Failure to realize expected deposits, for any case directly or indirectly.

(c)        Any indirect, incidental, special, or consequential losses, arising from or in connection with the use or inability to use BIDBOX website or Services including, but not limited to, any losses caused by it, even if BIDBOX has been informed about such probability of losses.

(d)       Any losses caused by omission of User including but not limited to omission in login through third party’s device and/or failure to keep the confidentiality of device used for login.

(e)        Condition and quality of product or Crypto Asset traded in the Exchanger/Market Platform and chosen by the User to have its strategy run through BIDBOX.

(f)        Violation of Intellectual Property Rights.

(g)       Disputes between Users.

(h)       Defamation of other party.

(i)        Loss due to unofficial payment to other party other than to Official Account of BIDBOX which, by any means whatsoever, uses the name of BIDBOX or negligence in the writing of account and/or other information and/or omission on the part of the bank.

(j)        Fitness for a particular purpose, durability, title, and non-infringement.

(k)       Virus or other malware (bot, script, automation tools) obtained by accessing or connecting to Services.

(l)        Skimming or hacking process, which causes loss to User in BIDBOX Services.

(m)      Any disruption, bug, error, or inaccuracy in Services.

(n)       Damage to your hardware and/or software from the use of any Services.

(o)       Enforcement action taken in connection with the account of User.

(p)       Any hacking committed by a third party of the account of User.

13.       User acknowledges and agrees that the only right the User has in connection with any issue or dissatisfaction of services is to stop using the services.


1.         User agrees to communicate with the BIDBOX in electronic format, and agrees that all terms, conditions, agreements, notices, disclosures or any other forms of communication provided by BIDBOX to User are electronically considered as written.

2.         User agrees to receive e-mail from BIDBOX. E-mail sent can contain information about Accounts, transactions, systems, promotions and so on.


1.         Any conflicts, disputes or opinion differences (hereinafter referred to as “Disputes“) arising in connection with Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and Services, as far as possible, will be settled with cooperation.

2.         Any Dispute that cannot be resolved by deliberation within 30 (thirty) working days after the notification of the problem to all parties concerned, each Party may by written notification to the other Party refer the matter to a final settlement through arbitration in Singapore in accordance with the Singapore International Arbitration Centre (“SIAC”). The place of arbitration is Singapore or as decided between the parties in writing to state otherwise regarding the place of arbitration.


1.         For things that have not been regulated in this Terms of Use, all provisions in the related civil code and the provisions of other relevant laws and regulations will apply.

2.         If BIDBOX changes the contents of this Terms of Use then BIDBOX will notify changes to the User in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations through media notices that are considered good by BIDBOX then User will be subject to the changes to the Terms of Use. Changes to each attachment from the Terms of Use will be agreed upon and hereinafter constitute a unity with and are an integral part of the Terms of Use.

3.         If User does actions outside of Terms of Use provisions, User will be fully responsible and hereby agrees that BIDBOX will not provide compensation and/or liability in any form to User, or any party to all demands and/or claims and/or suits submitted by other party in connection with the actions taken by User.

4.         User shall comply with all requirements listed in the Terms of Use. User’s Negligence to comply with or implementing contents of Terms of Use on one or several occasions will not eliminate User’s obligation to fulfil all the requirements contained in the Terms of Use.

5.         Any questions or other matters regarding this Terms of Use shall be made through [email protected].

I hereby acknowledge that I have read, understood, and accept all of the terms and conditions as provided “TERMS OF USE” and I agree to all of its terms.