BIDBOX provides a subscription-based software to help its User to execute buy and sell Crypto Asset in the spot market.

This BIDBOX Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as the “Privacy Policy”) governs how BIDBOX collects, stores, uses, processes, controls, protects, maintains, transfers and discloses information collected from You as a User (hereinafter referred to as “You” or “User”) from BIDBOX official site, application both Android and iOS based, all products or services provided by BIDBOX (the “Services”).


As long as the context of the sentence does not specify otherwise, the terms or definitions in this Privacy Policy have the following meanings:

1.         Crypto Assets mean intangible commodities in digital form, using cryptography that use principles of peer-to-peer (interface) network-based decentralized technology or known as Blockchain Network, that is traded in a platform. Reference to Crypto Assets in this document has the same meaning as cryptocurrency.

2.         Crypto Asset Trading Activity (hereinafter referred to as “Crypto Trading”) means the activity of buying and selling Crypto Assets on the basis of achieving the points of agreement between demand price and offer price that happens in a market or exchanger platform.

3.         Registration means the registration process to become a Member of BIDBOX, which consists of registering private information, creating a BIDBOX account, and approval to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy of BIDBOX.

4.         Cookies are identifier transferred to computer or mobile device of User which enables BIDBOX to identify the computer or device of User and informs BIDBOX about how and when Services or official site is used or visited, by how many persons, and to trace activities on the BIDBOX official site.

5.         Privacy Policy means a provision that regulates how BIDBOX collects, stores, uses, processes, controls, protects, maintains, transfers and discloses information collected from User through the BIDBOX official site and all products or Services provided by BIDBOX.

6.         Services mean services provided by BIDBOX including but not limited to the BIDBOX official site, application both Android and iOS based, and all products or services provided in the sale of the BIDBOX software.

7.         BIDBOX means a software developed and owned by BIDBOX with the aim of selling a Crypto Asset trading tool.

8.         Account means a BIDBOX account used to access the Service. This definition includes Account that has activated BIDBOX membership and Account that has not activated BIDBOX membership yet.

9.         User’s BIDBOX Address means a combination of numbers and letters operating on the Tron network (TRC20) with a parent (core) controlled by BIDBOX, functioning to store, send and receive Crypto Assets in USDT.

10.       BIDBOX means a tool for trading Crypto Assets in the form of an automator to read crypto market movements, place buy or sell positions on the Crypto Asset Exchange/Trading Platform, as well as executing the sale or purchase of Crypto Assets automatically based on the algorithm provided by BIDBOX’s artificial intelligence and monitored by professionals.

11.       User or You means the person (individual) owner of the BIDBOX Account.

12.       Active User means a User who has activated the BIDBOX membership.

13.       Username means the unique name entered by User during Registration. Username also acts as a referral code when a User invites a prospective user.

14.       The Exchange/Trading Platform means a platform that provides Crypto Asset exchange (buying and selling) services.

15.       Personal Information is all forms of Information that is recorded in material form or not, from that information the identity of a person can be directly seen or recognized and known fairly and can be ascertained directly by an organization or body that collects the information, or when it is collected with other information, which can identify a person directly, indirectly, who can or may be accessed by the competent authorities in the event of a problem.

16.       Law related Personal Data means the laws and regulations related to personal data obtainment, storage, use, deletion, etc. that is applied internationally.


1.         BIDBOX may collect personally identifiable information from Users in various ways, collecting them into one, but not limiting, when Users visit our site, register on the site, and connect with other similar activities, services, features or resources provide on our Site. The user may be asked to provide a name, and an appropriate email address. Users may visit our site anonymously. We will collect personally identifiable information from Users when they voluntarily send us the information. Users may always refuse to provide personally identifiable information, except that it may prevent it from engaging in activities related to a particular Site. The user has read and agreed to the legal provisions (CP, CPS, Subscriber Agreement, & Privacy Policy) of Peruri CA, as well as the issuance of an Electronic Certificate after successful video recording (eKYC).

2.         During the usage of Services, BIDBOX may collects Personal Information of User, which includes, but not limited to:

i.          Identity data, such as name, gender, proficle picture;

ii.         Contacts data, such as email address and phone number;

iii.        User’s BIDBOX Address, addresses on the whitelist, receiver address of withdrawals from User’s BIDBOX Address.

iv.        Transaction data, such as details of orders and purchases of Crypto Assets or User’s Transaction History executed in the Exchanger/Market Platform as long as the said transaction is connected tto the Services;

v.         Technical data, such as Internet Protocol (IP) address, login data, type and version of browser, timezone and location settings, type and version of browser plug-in, operation system and platform, device identity and matters related to the device when using the Services;

vi.        Profile data, such as Username and password, preferences, response and feedback to survey;

vii.       Usage data, such as information on how User use the Services;

viii.      Location data, a method used by User when taking and sharing their location with BIDBOX in the form of photos or videos and uploading them to the BIDBOX official site;

ix.        Biometric data, is a sound file when the User uses other facial and body features and voice or things that are features of the device by uploading it to the BIDBOX official site;

x.         Marketing data and correspondence, other matters related to User’s preference ini receiving marketing from BIDBOX and third party, also User’s communication preferences;

xi.        User agrees not to submit any inaccurate or misleading information, and User agrees to notify any inaccuracies or changes to such information to BIDBOX. BIDBOX reserves the right at its discretion to require further documentation to verify the information submitted by User.


1.         BIDBOX may receive, obtain, and collects User’s data during the following situation but not limited to:

i.          When User makes account in BIDBOX BIDBOX official site or updates BIDBOX account, including therein username, e-mail address, phone number, password, address, etc;

ii.         When User uses a feature or function available on BIDBOX BIDBOX official site;

iii.        When User registers for a service of BIDBOX through BIDBOX official site;

iv.        When User records and uploads a user-generated content to BIDBOX BIDBOX official site;

v.         When User uses the chatting function on BIDBOX BIDBOX official site;

vi.        When User participates in a competition, promotion, or survey;

vii.       When User participates in an activity or campaign on BIDBOX official site;

viii.      When User logs into their account or interacts with BIDBOX through external service or BIDBOX official site;

ix.        When User interacts with us off-line, including when User interacts with outsourced employees of BIDBOX off-line.

D.        USE OF DATA

1.         BIDBOX may use all or some data obtained and collected from User as referred to in the previous section for matters as follows:

i.          To identify and register User as user and to administer, verify, deactivate, or manage account of User;

ii.         To facilitate or enable any verification which we consider necessary before BIDBOX provides services to User or before we register User as user, including the Know Your Customer process;

iii.        To enable BIDBOX to provide, process, and facilitate, orders and payment transactions;

iv.        To facilitate User Service in implementing instruction of User, dealing with or responding to any question raised by (or supposedly raised by) User and/or on behalf of User;

v.         To communicate with User and send information in connection with the use of BIDBOX Services, including but not limited to information about any update as well as support which may be required from time to time to ensure continuity of BIDBOX Services;

vi.        To monitor and analyze activity, behavior, and demographic data, including habits and responsiveness of BIDBOX to various services available on the BIDBOX official site;

vii.       To send User direct or targeted marketing communication, advertising, promotion, survey, and special offer or promotion;

viii.      To use information obtained from User for the purpose of research, analysis, development, and testing of product in order to improve safety and security of services on the Website, as well as for developing new feature and product;

ix.        To perform monitoring or investigation of suspicious transactions or transactions indicated of containing the element of fraud or violation against the Terms and Conditions or the applicable legal provisions, as well as to take the necessary actions as follow-up of the result of monitoring or investigation of such transactions;

x.         In certain situations, BIDBOX may need to use or disclose User’s data for the purpose of law enforcement or for the fulfillment of requirements of the applicable laws and regulations, including in the event of any dispute or legal proceeding between User and BIDBOX;

xi.        Any other purpose which BIDBOX will inform User when obtaining approval from User is collectively referred to as (“Purpose” );

2.         BIDBOX will / may collect, use, disclose, or process personal data of User depending on the situation encountered, and it is possible that such Purpose may not stated above. However, BIDBOX will inform User about such other purpose of that kind when obtaining approval from User, except for data processing which applies without approval from User permitted by the Law related to Privacy Data.


1.         BIDBOX applies various safety measures and strives to ensure Personal Data of User in BIDBOX system. Personal data of User are kept behind a secure network and only accessible by a small number of employees having special access right to the system. Nevertheless, the absence of absolute guarantee or security is unavoidable.

2.         BIDBOX  will keep personal data in accordance with Law related to Privacy Data and/or other applicable laws. Namely, BIDBOX will destroy or anonymize personal data of User when BIDBOX reasonable deems that (i) the purpose of personal data which have been collected is not functioned anymore by the storage of such personal data; (ii) the storage is not necessary anymore for any legal or commercial purposes whatsoever; and (iii) there is no instruction letter legitimating further retrieval of personal data. In the event that a User stops using BIDBOX Services, or the license of a User to use Services is terminated or revoked, BIDBOX may continue to keep, use, and/or disclose personal data of User in accordance with the Privacy Policy and obligations of BIDBOX under the Law related to Privacy Data. Subject to the applicable law, BIDBOX may securely dispose personal data of User without any prior notification to User.


1.         BIDBOX guarantees that there is no sale, leakage, transfer, distribution, or lending of personal data of User to other party, without permission from User, except in the event of occurrence of the following matters or events:

i.          When there is requirement for disclosure of data of User to other party assisting BIDBOX in providing services on BIDBOX Services including BIDBOX official site and processing any form of activities of User on BIDBOX Services including BIDBOX official site, including but not limited to transaction process, payment verification, etc.;

ii.         BIDBOX may provide and make available relevant data or information to BIDBOX business partner in accordance with rules of approval from User to use business partner’s services, which are included in the BIDBOX official site, or other platform which integrates API or its services, or business partner with whom BIDBOX has cooperated to deliver forms of promotional services, contest, or other dedicated matters;

iii.        Other matters required by BIDBOX such as banking, payment, and other services with User, in this case including settlement of obstacles and other matters;

iv.        BIDBOX may provide relevant information to vendor, consultant, marketing partner, research firm, or similar service providers;

v.         BIDBOX may share information of User to its subsidiaries and affiliates to help in maximizing or providing services as well as data processing for and on behalf of BIDBOX;

vi.        BIDBOX discloses data of User in an effort of complying with and fulfilling legal obligations and/or based on valid request from Similar Law Enforcement Agencies and Apparatus.


1.         Personal Information of User will only be stored as long as necessary for fulfilling the purpose of its collection, or as long as such storage is required or allowed by the applicable laws and regulations. BIDBOX will stop storing Personal Information, or delete the purpose of linking such Personal Information to You as an individual, as soon as it is considered that the purpose of collection of such Personal Information does not require storing Personal Information anymore and the storage is not necessary anymore for business or legal purposes.

2.         Personal Information of User collected by BIDBOX may be stored, transferred, or processed by a third party service provider. BIDBOX will take reasonable effort to ensure that all of such third party service providers provide a level of protection equivalent to the commitment of BIDBOX based on this Privacy Policy.

3.         Personal Information of User may also be stored or processed outside the country of the User by a party working for BIDBOX in other country, or by third party service provider, vendor, supplier, partner, contractor, or affiliate of BIDBOX. In this case, BIDBOX will ensure that such Personal Information continues to be a subject of level of protection equivalent to those required in the law of the country (and, in any case whatsoever, in line with our commitment in this Privacy Policy).

4.         BIDBOX will store and process Information as long as the account of User is active.

H.        COOKIES

1.         Our site may use Cookies to improve user experience. Users’ web browsers place cookies on their hard drives for recording purposes and sometimes to track information about them. User can choose to sets their web browser to refuse cookies, or to notify when a cookie is sent. If they do, note that some parts of the Site may not function properly.

2.         BIDBOX may link information cookies to personal data. Cookies are also linked to information on transactions of User and Cookies are also used to deliver specific content in accordance with the interests of User and to monitor the use of BIDBOX Services.

3.         User will automatically receive Cookies when the Computer or Device of User uses or browses BIDBOX official site. However, User may choose to modify or choose to refuse the Use of Cookies through web or browser setting preferences in the device or computer of User.

4.         BIDBOX may use and provide information on data of User BIDBOX obtained from the Use of Cookies by User to a third party, such as location data, advertising identifier, or e-mail address used for advertisement, including but not limited to for promotional and advertisement purposes in which such data cannot personally identified.

5.         The use of Cookies can be controlled by User through setting preferences of web browser used by User, namely by making modification or choosing to refuse the Use of Cookies. However, by making such setting, performance of service during access to BIDBOX Official site may be affected, such as certain functions and pages on BIDBOX Website unable to perform optimally for the provision of services to User.


1.         BIDBOX DOES NOT GUARANTEE SECURITY OF PERSONAL DATA AND/OR OTHER INFORMATION THE MEMBER / VERIFIED MEMBER SUBMITS ON A THIRD PARTY WEBSITE. BIDBOX has indeed implemented a variety of security measures to maintain the safety of personal data of User with or under the control of BIDBOX. Personal data of User are kept behind a secure network and only accessible by a limited number of persons having special access right to the system, who are obligated to keep the confidentiality of such personal data. In the event that the User places an order or accesses personal data, BIDBOX offers the use of secure server. All personal data or sensitive information submitted by User are encrypted into our database and can only be accessed as stated above.

2.         In an effort of providing User with increasing value, BIDBOX may choose various third party websites to be linked to, and to frame them in the BIDBOX official site. BIDBOX may also participate in co-branding and other relationship to offer e-commerce as well as other services and features to BIDBOX visitors. All of these linked websites have separate and independent privacy policy and security settings. Even if a third party is affiliated to BIDBOX, BIDBOX has no control over these linked websites, since each of them has privacy and data collection practices separated from BIDBOX. It is possible that data collected by BIDBOX co-branding partner or third party website (even if it is offered on or through BIDBOX official site) are not received by BIDBOX.

3.         Therefore, BIDBOX is not responsible or accountable for content, security settings (or the absence of security settings), and activities of these linked websites. These linked websites are only for the convenience of User, and therefore User accesses them at the User’s own risk. Nevertheless, BIDBOX strives to protect the integrity of BIDBOX official site and links placed on each website, and therefore, BIDBOX welcomes any feedback on these linked websites (including, but not limited to, in the event that certain link is not functioning).


1.         Services are not intended for children aged less than 17 years. BIDBOX does not intentionally collect or store personal data or any non-personal information from any person aged less than 17 years and any part of BIDBOX Services is not intended for children aged less than 17 years. As parent or legal guardian, please do not give permission to children under your care to submit personal data to BIDBOX. In the event that personal data of children aged less than 17 years under your care are opened to BIDBOX, you hereby consent to the processing of personal data of the child and accept and agree to be bound to this Privacy Policy on behalf of such child. BIDBOX will close any account used exclusively by such children and will eliminate and/or delete any personal data BIDBOX believes to be sent without consent of parent or legal guardian by a child aged less than 17 years.

2.         BIDBOX may update this Privacy Policy at any time. BIDBOX hereby advises User to read carefully and always recheck every page of this privacy policy from time to time to find out about any changes which have been made to this Privacy Policy. In the event that BIDBOX makes any amendment to BIDBOX Privacy Policy, BIDBOX will post such amendment or the Privacy Policy which has been amended on BIDBOX official site. BIDBOX has full rights to amend this Privacy Policy at any time without requiring approval from User but by referring to the applicable laws and regulations.


4.         If User has any questions, issues, or complaints regarding BIDBOX privacy policy practices, please contact us by e-mail at [email protected].