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Millions of people have been in the cryptocurrency industry We have an effective approach in the cryptocurrency trading, way more simple and flexible. You can access cryptocurrency trading 24 hours a day with our application. We are there for you to trade when you can't.
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We complement the crypto ecosystem and we are here to make things easier for our users. Our ambition is to present a crypto trading tool that are affordable and easy to use. Many beginners in crypto trading industry experience loss due to not knowing the crypto market movement. BIDBOX comes with features that make it easier for our users to trade crypto, that they almost don't even have to check the market.


Safety is anyone's top priority. We do not manage our users' trading funds. All of the trading funds are secure in each user's own exchange wallet with full authority and control by user. Also, we only cooperate with trustworthy and credible exchange.


Our trading software has logic with a certain method and speed accuracy in reading the crypto movements, our AI produces signals that will be verified by our professional team of trader, so that we can provide an accurate selection of open position signals.

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Our system is integrated with Bitget Exchange through API. Bitget is the largest crypto market in the world with the highest trading volume.


We are expanding and will soon be available to integrate our service with Tokocrypto


Transparent pricing for every business.

BIDBOX is only available in web-based for the moment. You can signup and activate our service by depositing 135 USDT to your BIDBOX address aftes you signup.

No, for now BIDBOX Service can only be used with a 1 year subscription period. However, it can be extended in the following year.

You need minimum 20 USDT as a trading balance to open a trading position.

BIDBOX has two Trading Mode, which are Standard and Professional. with Standard Trading Mode, users can get trading signals for 19 coins (major coins such as BTC, ETH, ADA, etc.). While in Professional Trading Mode, users can receive signals for up to 200 coins (includes alt and meme coins).

BIDBOX allows user to decide their own limit on loss percentage or user can leave it to AI's control.

Enjoy 24 hours service and the profits potential of the crypto market with our AI

The crypto trading goes on for 24 hours and 7 days a week.

Based on coinmarketcap data, crypto trading volume and trader in the crypto industry are increasing everyday.

Cryptocurrency is no longer a new industry. However, the crypto market has high fluctuation and is hard to predict. With that, we need a tool that we can use as a remote control to minimize the risks.

By using a tool you can also leave your trading position when it is impossible for you to trade. An application that will truly become your personal assistant that benefits you.

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I and tns of thousands other users from all over the world are already using this. We really can rely on this application as an assistant model for crypto trading independently, simple, easy to use, and profitable.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, BIDBOX is not a fraud/scam. We are only selling software that act as a tool to help you in trading crypto.

User can withdraw their trading balance and/or their profits anytime 24 hours a day according to terms and conditions of the market/exchanger.

All trading balance are stored in the User's cryptocurrency market/exchanger private account.

BIDBOX does not give or promise of a fixed profit from the trading activity, all profits gained are from real trading on the cryptocurrency spot market.

This Platform is not an investment instrument, it is only an application intended for cryptcurrency trading which is used to help User trade automatically with the features provided. BIDBOX does not collect member's fund.

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