Frequently Asked Questions

No, for now BIDBOX Service can only be used with a 1 year subscription period. However, it can be extended in the following year.

BIDBOX does not give or promise of a fixed profit from the trading activity, all profits gained are from real trading on the cryptocurrency spot market.

User can withdraw their trading balance and/or their profits anytime 24 hours a day according to terms and conditions of the market/exchanger.

BIDBOX allows user to decide their own limit on loss percentage or user can leave it to AI's control.

BIDBOX has two Trading Mode, which are Standard and Professional. with Standard Trading Mode, users can get trading signals for 19 coins (major coins such as BTC, ETH, ADA, etc.). While in Professional Trading Mode, users can receive signals for up to 200 coins (includes alt and meme coins).

You need minimum 20 USDT as a trading balance to open a trading position.

BIDBOX is only available in web-based for the moment. You can signup and activate our service by depositing 135 USDT to your BIDBOX address aftes you signup.

No, BIDBOX is not a fraud/scam. We are only selling software that act as a tool to help you in trading crypto.

This Platform is not an investment instrument, it is only an application intended for cryptcurrency trading which is used to help User trade automatically with the features provided. BIDBOX does not collect member's fund.

All trading balance are stored in the User's cryptocurrency market/exchanger private account.