Bidbox uses the working logic of the HEDGE mode, where open positions are carried out simultaneously long and short. This mode is a safe mode in future trading.

Bidbox future is designed as a tool that is easy to use by everyone who wants to trade automatically. The user only needs to prepare the trading balance in Bitget and do the API binding with bidbox. After the binding activity is successful the user just fills in the desired trading balance and chooses a strategy that you want then save the order and start trading (You can do this activity in the AI settings menu).
Bidbox has a very strict money management trading system calculation and only enters orders at the start using only 4% of trading capital. Users do not need to choose which coins they want to trade. Bidbox only prepares 30 coins in the system where the coins selected are coins that are ranked in the top 50 of CoinMarketcap. You can see the money management Bidbox on this link : https://help.bidbox.community/money-management/

There are two modes of trading options

  • Conservative trading mode
  • Aggressive trading mode

In conservative mode, take profit is done at a target above 1%, while in aggressive mode take profit is done below 1%.
Entry in two long and short positions.
If the price rises then long take profit and immediately open a new position, and if the floating percentage requirements for shorts are met then the system performs averaging on short orders, the current position is (1-2). If the market reverses and the system calculates profit on the positions that are averaged there is a bigger profit than long floating position then the two positions are cleared and you will start again by opening new long and short positions (1:1).

Bidbox also has layer averaging limits and can be changed at any time if needed in certain market conditions. Bidbox does not implement a stop loss system.
This logic will continue to be developed by applying the AI ​​support resistance indicator which is used to divide the number of entries in support and resistance conditions. This logic will also be equipped with management of the distribution of main coins and altcoins in the percentage spread of open positions.
Trading logic is created with the aim of making a profit by considering the risks of future trading and strengthening money management trading.
There are no certain things in the world of trading, make sure you know and are aware of the risks of future trading which can result in losses. Use this tool wisely and understand the risks involved.